Madeleine: Health and the Body in Maine

First of all, the blog documenting the interview project I talked about in my last post is now live ( We’ll be adding many more in the next week or so, so stay tuned!
Other exciting news- I am now helping Justice in the Body launch the Community Healing Fund (CHF). The fund will support community-driven, trauma-sensitive healing projects, classes, and trainings. The idea is for projects to bridge mind-body wellness with trauma and justice informed strategies, as well as be accessible financially and linguistically to underserved populations such as the deaf, immigrants, and refugees.
Two projects currently in the works are trauma- sensitive yoga classes for survivors of torture and women recovering from sexual assault. To help make the yoga class for survivors of torture happen, I am collaborating with the yoga instructor, Maria, and City of Portland Refugee Services where I interned for my FWT last year. Other potential future projects include individual practitioner/ teacher scholarship support for mind-body trainings and Portland yoga teacher training for community members of marginalized populations. Ideally this fund will make different approaches to healing trauma both community based and more widely accessible. The first of what will become monthly community dinners will be happening on February 15 to fundraiser for the CHF. Emma Raine and I are helping to organize the event and the dinner will be a nice culmination to our FWTs.

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