Scott: FWT and Senior Work

This project has afforded me the opportunity to look back on how my work here at Bennington has changed over time, and has built towards a final project that brings together my interests in education and my involvement with the Bennington Sustainable Food Project. Amidst all of this I have been looking towards the future, and a of advice I received on the value of a Bennington education, from one of the administrators I talked to. They said that when you graduate from Bennington, the plan process leaves you with more than just the sum total of the knowledge you acquired over the course of your study. They also told me that, as I look towards graduation, “It’s not about getting a job, it’s really about finding your work in a more meaningful way. And to me that is what it means to have a meaningful life. You will think, ‘I know there are challenges, I know it is difficult, and I know there are lots of things I don’t understand, but I feel like I can figure them out. I have these tools, and I understand how learning happens, and I know where to go.'” This quote really sums up what I felt I was going to walk away from Bennington with, and it was really great to see my experience in someone else’s words.

It has been really fantastic to see the conversations I have been having around my senior work, and my own experience here at Bennington come together. And I look forward to writing my senior work, and adding my own two cents to the picture. To borrow from the Forest Service’s Leave No Trace ethic, hopefully I can leave this place better off than I found it.


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