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Hilary: The Brain Initiative and Public Values

Hello! Hilary Whitney, here. I am in Washington D.C., finishing up my second and final FWT. That’s because I transferred into Bennington as a second-term sophomore, and I’m about to begin my senior year. So far, my undergraduate studies have focused on brain and cognitive sciences, and—since joining Bennington—the realm of public action. I’ve really taken interest with ‘the social life of brain science’. For example, I just wrote my final paper for David Bond’s course, The Anthropology of Science and Technology, on the issue of public literacy in neuroscience—what do most people understand about and learn from fMRI images?


Our office on Connecticut Avenue. CSPO is a part of Arizona State University (ASU).

Here in D.C., I am working with the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes (check it out: www.cspo.org). In particular, I focus on a project called Public Value Mapping (PVM). It’s a method for analyzing public programs and their societal impact. The central question of PVM is: What are the public values that justify public investments in scientific research, and what is the capacity of a given research initiative to yield outcomes that support and advance those values?

I got to design my research this FWT, so I am asking Read More…