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Madeleine: Justice and the Body

I’m Madeleine and currently a sophomore studying anthropology and psychology. For FWT I am interning at a year-old grassroots organization called Justice in the Body (JITB) in Portland, Maine. The organization aims to make accessible both alternative healthcare and healing practices, as well as wellness workshops to anyone regardless of income or insurance. Some of the services offered by Justice in the Body include: Somatic Experiencing for healing trauma, an apothecary, restorative yoga, yoga for the queer body, messages, and herbalism classes. Besides accessible wellness and healing services, social justice is also an important element of the organization. JITB believes that social change can not only be addressed externally, but just as importantly can also take place internally within the body and the mind. Talks that have do with mind-body-justice are held weekly. This week’s, which I am excited to attend, is a workshop on interrupting racism.

Another Bennington student who is also interning at JITB, Emma Maasch, and I are currently working on a multimedia project to launch a blog around the question of what justice in the body means to different people. This past week we have been conducting interviews with various people asking them what justice in their body means to them and what it would feel/ look like if they had total justice in their bodies. What we mean by the latter question is if a person were free of external influences (culture, socialization, oppression, family expectations, friends expectations/ demands, etc.) that may or may not cause us to act and present ourselves in a manner which is true to who we are, what does that person think that would feel/ look like for them.
When the blog is up and active I will include the link in an entry, but in the mean time check out their website: justiceinthebody.com.