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Farah: Thumbprint

This winter, I worked with a theatre production company called HERE in New York City, to help organize two theatre, music and art festivals- the Prototype Festival and Culturemart. I was attracted to working with HERE as each of its theatre productions, especially for the Prototype festival, had a social action component. Thumbprint is one of the operas that were featured in the Prototype festival, and during the first half of my internship I worked with the set designer, stage manager and technical director to curate this show.


Thumbprint is based on the life of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman who was gang-raped in 2002. When this happened, it was very rare for a woman to convict her rapists, as the Pakistan law required four male eyewitnesses to testify to the rape. Mukhtar Mai was one of the first women who brought her offenders to court and the won the case, which sentenced her rapists to death.


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