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Scott: The Bennington Food Project

This past week I have had the pleasure of going through and coding the recordings of all of the interviews I have conducted so far this Field Work Term. While this can be somewhat laborious, the chance to see some of larger themes coming across in multiple interviews has been really wonderful. So many of the students I have talked to talk about what a positive influence the Bennington Sustainable Food Project has had on their education here, from the people they have met, to the opportunity to be a part of a group that is working together an enacting real change here on campus. I have seen interview after interview, people talking about the importance and the value of community, both within the Bennington Sustainable Food Project and the school at large. It has been a gift to be reminded of how intelligent, diversely interested, compassionate, and amazing my fellow students are here at Bennington are.


Scott: The Bennington Sustainable Food Project

This winter I have had the opportunity to have some really fantastic conversations in the interviews I have been conducting with members of the Bennington Sustainable Food Project (BSFP) and administrators at Bennington College.

I have been hearing about the experiences my friends and peers have had here at Bennington and with the BSFP, and have been overawed by their excitement and enthusiasm for Bennington and the educational opportunities offered hereAnd in talking with administrators I’ve been able to pick the brains of the people who shape the Bennington educational experience in a very real way, and see how they think about how students are and should be taught here. The timing of these conversations could nobe better, as I begin to reflect upon my own time here and prepare for my final term. All in all, I count myself lucky as I cherish the opportunity I have been given to conduct this research, have these conversations, and hopefully have a positive influence myself on the education here, all because of how Bennington is structured and the focus that is put upon student driven education.

I very much look forward revisiting these conversation (quite literally as I go back and code my recordings) and to seeing where they take me, it has certainly been a great ride so far.

Scott: Winter Driving

photo 1

This week I’m want to talk a little bit about what I did this winter before I got back to Bennington this winter.

photo 5

As someone who splits residency between Bennington and the West Coast, I have flown across the country a good many times, And every time I find myself staring out the window at 30,000 feet, I find myself wondering what it really looks like down there on the ground. This winter I finally got the chance to see, when my girlfriend and I drove cross country in a mad dash against the weather, to make it back to Bennington in time for our respective Field Work Terms.

photo 3

The drive was fun, beautiful, and a real eye opener in terms of how big this country is. And we didn’t even hit bad roads until Chicago, and the snowstorm that pummeled much of the midwest the first week of January. Read More…

Noah: From Belize to the Deep Freeze (of VT)

So thanks to the bureaucracy at the US embassy in Kabul, I am stuck in Vermont for a week more than I was planning on.   And while today is somewhat milder, the cold weather was especially shocking coming back from 10 days of trekking around Belize.  High points included getting the pickup we rented stuck in the mud on several jungle roads (lots of rain this year) and some really great seafood.  Getting to some of the Mayan ruins that were more off the beaten track was especially fun.

photo 3 (2)

Xunantunich which had a population of 200,000 at its height, and can now only be visited by taking a hand cranked  ferry was particularly beautiful (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xunantunich) and certainly got me to continue thinking about how empires can rise and fall quickly (are you listening person who is supposed to be processing my travel approval at the US embassy?).

Read More…

Scott: Looking at Bennington Sustainable Food Project

My name is Scott Milliman, and I am a senior studying environmental studies and education here at Bennington, with the intention of pursuing a career in outdoor education after graduation. Over the course of this Field Work Term I will be conducting interviews with students and administrators at Bennington College in preparation for my senior work. My research is on the Bennington Sustainable Food Project (BSFP), a student organization at Bennington, with a focus on the educational value involvement in the BSFP affords students, and in turn to the college. I will be trying to discern whether or not students learn useful skills or build capacities through their involvement with student organizations like the BSFP. My research is also rooted in the educational philosophy of John Dewey, and in the more contemporary educational model of experiential education, and I hope to use this theoretical basis to ground my findings as well as to join in the discussion on co-curricular education and the role of experiential education in higher ed. In addition to my research I will be working as an EMT with a local ambulance provider, and I will be living here in beautiful North Bennington, Vermont.