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Caroline: Exploring how the people of New Orleans define and relate to nature

My name is Caroline and I am a senior studying Media and Anthropology with a focus on the environment. I am spending my last Field Work Term in New Orleans, my hometown, conducting interviews with locals about how they make sense of and interact with their environment. The specific question I am trying to address with my research is: Within the city of New Orleans, what are the different definitions of nature at play and how are they acted out in relation to each other and to the environment? This question is one in a web of others that this project will touch on tangentially, all of which are concerned in some way with how the physical environment of the city informs its personality, how this collective identity changes over time, and how nature facilitates this change. In an attempt at making this line of inquiry more manageable and meaningful, I’ve decided to try delineating between different types of people, namely: the state, general citizenry, and experts (i.e. environmentalists/scientists). I will be pairing my interview work with visual contextual information that will be provided by a fellow student. I am excited to use this opportunity to delve into the world of visual anthropology as well.

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